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mirc 7.17 Visual C++ error

Posted By: sengian

mirc 7.17 Visual C++ error - 12/02/11 11:53 AM


I have an annoying bug telling me that VC++ has a runtime error due to the application requesting the runtime being terminated in an unusual way...

I already encountered this bug before on win 7 x64 and vista with previous versions of mIRC, but what is bothering me this time is that it appears when I start mirc.

I suspect this is due to the openoffice install I have done which is introducing Vc++ 2008 x64 9.0.xxx as the 7.17 version was working fine before.

Do you have an idea of what can be done to avoid this?
Posted By: Khaled

Re: mirc 7.17 Visual C++ error - 14/02/11 12:35 PM

I have not experienced this myself, however I did a quick search through Google and it sounds like your OpenOffice install may have installed Windows components that conflict with older components. When your run mIRC, Windows decides which components to run, so there isn't anything you can change in mIRC to resolve this. You would probably need to re-install the VC++ runtime components for your system to fix the issue. If you manage to resolve the issue please let us know.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: mirc 7.17 Visual C++ error - 14/02/11 08:06 PM

If the issue is with a DLL part of those runtimes, it *may* be possible to copy the older DLL to mIRC's exe folder. Programs will usually use any DLL in their exe folder before any that are installed in \windows\system\ or \windows\system32\. So even if you have the newest installed to the system or system32 folder, it will use the older version if the DLL file(s) are there. Now, just to be clear... this normally works for independent DLL files. The newer C++ runtime files may include a wider variety of files and so this may not be at all possible. I haven't looked into the C++ files in years, so I don't know how they are set up. But it might be worth looking into.
Posted By: StrawberryKitty

Re: mirc 7.17 Visual C++ error - 15/02/11 11:20 AM

You should also make sure you have only one of each run-time installed, unfortunately previous versions are not uninstalled as far as I can tell. I have had multiple versions of the msvc++ run-time cause problems in other applications. You only need the latest version of 2008 and 2010 run-times. Good luck.
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