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identd in 7.17

Posted By: bwuser

identd in 7.17 - 18/12/10 12:07 PM

It doesn't seem to work properly anymore.

It works fine when I disable "enable only when connecting" though.

When I enable "enable only when connecting", it only works one time. If I disconnect and connect after that one time, it doesn't work anymore.

It does not show the incoming IdentD-request and doesn't reply to it either, causing the server to say: "no identd response".

This is NOT a port-forwarding/firewall-issue, cause if I disable "enable only when connecting", it works fine everytime.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: identd in 7.17 - 18/12/10 02:38 PM

Seems to be working fine for me with "enable only when connecting" enabled.
Posted By: bwuser

Re: identd in 7.17 - 18/12/10 02:48 PM

Okay. Odd. I will do more testing and see if I can find more details on it.

Do you have the Windows firewall enabled?
Posted By: Collective

Re: identd in 7.17 - 18/12/10 08:56 PM

This is happening here as well (Vista 64). $portfree(113) is returning $false, but identd works fine if I open another client.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: identd in 7.17 - 19/12/10 04:28 AM

I don't use Windows Firewall, but my normal firewall is enabled. $portfree(113) returns $true on 7.17 and identd is working fine on the 3 networks I have open, even if I reconnect.

Maybe I'm doing something different than you are when testing this. Do you have specific steps you're using to reproduce this other than that enable/disable option?
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: identd in 7.17 - 20/12/10 11:16 AM

As a note, I have *once* managed to get identd to fail in 7.17. It was when reconnecting after a ping timeout. The first reconnect attempt gave me "too many connections from your host" error and disconnected me immediately. The identd worked fine on that reconnection attempt. However, the next attempt (after a few servers gave me connection timed out errors) did not respond to identd. It was requested, but my computer didn't respond.

Now... before assuming this has anything to do with the topic here, this has happened off and on for many versions of mIRC and is probably related to just timing out sending the identd response. If I already pinged out, then it isn't too hard to imagine the identd timing out as well. It's possible there is a bug that's causing that, but if there is, it doesn't manifest itself very often.

So far, that is the only time I have gotten it to fail on 7.17.
Posted By: bwuser

Re: identd in 7.17 - 20/12/10 04:31 PM

To reproduce:



Maybe it's just a flood-protection-thingy on the server. Maybe it doesn't send an identd-request when it already has done so in the last 10 seconds or something.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: identd in 7.17 - 20/12/10 07:34 PM

I'm at work right now and can't test again, but if you were to try this, does it still have problems?

Connect network 1
Disconnect network 1
Connect network 2
Disconnect network 2
Connect network 3

If that works, then it probably is something to do with limiting the number of times it will be sent to someone in a short time frame on that network as you suggested. If that still fails, then I'm not sure what would cause it.
Posted By: bwuser

Re: identd in 7.17 - 21/12/10 04:18 PM

Hm, nope, I do still have problems.

I did:

/server server1 (and waited for it to fully connect)

Identd worked fine.

Then I did:

/server server2 (wich makes it disconnect from server1 and connect to server 2)

Identd did not work

If I wait a while and do /server server2 again, Identd works.

I am going to try without Windows Firewall and after that with a different router. And maybe I'll check with an older version of Mirc as well.

Edit: without Windows firewall, it acts the same, except the server says "No Identd response" much faster. This leads me to believe that it is getting a PORT-CLOSED response on port 113 now instead of having to wait for a TIMEOUT. That means the router or firewall is not at fault for not replying to the identd. It seems mirc isn't turning on the identd-server on connect properly. Going to try with older version of mirc...

Edit2: Tried with mirc.exe from 7.14. That works fine, no matter how often I connect etc. It seems the "enable only when connecting"-option is partly broken in 7.17.
Posted By: bwuser

Re: identd in 7.17 - 15/01/11 02:38 PM

Still having this issue. Is this a confirmed bug and will it be fixed? Or... ?
Posted By: Sephiroth_

Re: identd in 7.17 - 16/01/11 04:44 AM

Confirmed. 7.17 Plain.

Added just this small script:
on *:start:pf
on *:connect:pf
on *:disconnect:pf
raw *:*:halt
alias pf echo $event port 113 free? $portfree(113)

It looks like the listener is still open after answering the identd request, could be related to multi-server connections.

Even after closing mIRC the port 113 is still in use. Just typed /exit -nr after being connected.
Posted By: Sat

Re: identd in 7.17 - 16/01/11 10:45 AM

While mIRC thinks port 113 is still in use, does netstat show an ident connection in TIME_WAIT state? That would also imply it takes about two minutes to clear the in-use status.

I ran into that situation the other day at least. I'm not sure whether mIRC is just not using SO_REUSEADDR when opening the identd port or there's more to it..
Posted By: bwuser

Re: identd in 7.17 - 17/01/11 02:38 PM

after connecting, netstat shows:

TCP irc.xs4all.nl:2046 TIME_WAIT

After a couple of minutes, it dissappears. If I connect after it has dissappeared from netstat, IdentD works fine. If I connect before it has dissappeared from netstat, IdentD does not work.

It used to work fine in 7.15.
Posted By: bwuser

Re: identd in 7.17 - 18/01/11 02:21 PM

I'm a bit confused to how this forum works. Is this a user-to-user forum? We report bugs and then just hope that a developer reads it and wait and see if gets fixed in next version?

Isn't there anybody that officialy confirms the bug or something?
Posted By: 5618

Re: identd in 7.17 - 18/01/11 02:39 PM

Mostly it's other users who confirm the bug and then Khaled also tries to reproduce it and fix it. Sometimes it's Khaled directly if he can reproduce it.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: identd in 7.17 - 18/01/11 10:11 PM

Khaled sees every bug post, but as is often the case with developers, he doesn't respond to every post. That would take a considerable amount of time. He'll pay attention to bugs and if someone here proves it true or false, that will determine what amount of attention he puts into it. As stated, he may also test it himself before anyone else checks into it. In any case, he doesn't usually respond. On occasion, he'll comment if something will be fixed for the next version or to ask for additional information. But just because he doesn't reply doesn't mean he isn't paying attention. If the bug is legitimate and he can find the cause, it will get fixed.
Posted By: bwuser

Re: identd in 7.17 - 19/01/11 03:11 PM

Okay, good to know! Thanks.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: identd in 7.17 - 20/01/11 12:10 PM

Thanks for the bug report, I have not been able to reproduce it yet however it is most likely related to the fix applied in v7.16 to resolve the "Address already in use" issue. The current issue is caused by the TIME_WAIT state in some contexts. I have applied a fix for the next version which should resolve this for listening ports.
Posted By: bwuser

Re: identd in 7.17 - 08/03/11 08:25 AM

Fixed in 7.19!

Posted By: HashPipe

Re: identd in 7.17 - 19/05/11 10:10 PM

Originally Posted By: bwuser
Fixed in 7.19!


Not quite. I just upped to 7.19 and also have identd issues. Went back to 6.35 and everything is fine.
Posted By: IB81

Re: identd in 7.17 - 20/05/11 01:59 PM

Not sure exactly what your looking for but this script works Great! Hope it is of some help/use,Good luck. (=

on *:Connect: {
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <yourpassword>

on *:Text:!identify:#: {
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <yourpassword>
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: identd in 7.17 - 20/05/11 03:02 PM

In general, sending an identify command right when you connect is not a good idea. It may get send before the server is ready to receive it. If you want it in that event, then sending it from a timer after X seconds would be better. But a better option is to use the message from the server asking you to identify and when you receive that message, THEN send the identify information.

Also, it may not be a good idea to allow everyone to use an !identify command. On some networks, it's possible to change your nick to the services nick when services are down. Someone could change their nick, type that command, and then know your password.
Posted By: drum

Re: identd in 7.17 - 20/05/11 04:43 PM

Originally Posted By: IB81
Not sure exactly what your looking for but this script works Great! Hope it is of some help/use,Good luck. (=

This thread is not about identifying to services. It's about Ident.
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