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Posted By: Netto_Cash

/anick - 23/10/10 03:50 AM

While connected to IRC, when I type /anick alt.nickname it changes my current nickname. Don't know if it did this in v7.1 but v6.35 never changed my current nickname when I used /anick
Posted By: StrawberryKitty

Re: /anick - 23/10/10 03:53 AM

I believe this happens when you are using your alt nick name. Make sure you're using your main when you use the command.
Posted By: Netto_Cash

Re: /anick - 23/10/10 03:58 AM

I had to use alt. nickname to set my alt. nickname while connected, then change back to my main nickname. It wouldn't let me set my alt. nickname without using it while connected like v6.35 frown
Posted By: drum

Re: /anick - 25/10/10 07:49 AM

I don't see any change in behavior from v6.35. When typing "/anick drum_test" while connected, I get the following message in status:

* Your alternate nickname is now drum_test

Then $anick properly returns drum_test.

Are you sure you aren't mistaken?

By the way, keep in mind that mnick/anick are possibly different for each server window. Make sure you are typing /anick on a particular server, then opening the Options dialog while that window is still selected (or just type "//echo $anick").
Posted By: StrawberryKitty

Re: /anick - 26/10/10 09:03 PM

Pretty sure I am right I remember trying to code a nick changing script and giving up because of this behaviour. Basically if you reconnect after having some timeout or your nick is in use you are now using your anick so /anick will change your current nick as will /nick.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: /anick - 26/10/10 09:34 PM

If you're using the alternate nick, then using /anick *should* change your current nick as well as changing the info in the alternate nick field. You are using your alternate nick and you're telling mIRC that you want to change your alternate nick. It just makes sense that it would change your current nick in that situation.
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