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Posted By: DeeBG "Unknown MODE flag" error w/ hybrid-7.3.0rc1 - 26/09/10 09:05 AM
Hi all. This really isn't an error per se, however the vast majority of users have invisible mode (+i) set. However with this version of hybrid (and possibly others), +i is automatically set for the users by default (I'm sure this can be changed in the ircd settings, but please bare with me =p). Because of this, if you have "invisible mode" selected (as it is by default), you will receive an "Unknown MODE flag" when connecting to the server.

Is there anyway to change mIRC's behavior to adapt to this, or is it just something for the ircops to decide?

Thanks! - DeeBG
This could be tricky since an IRC client would need to know that the mode has already been set in order not to set it. As far as I am aware, there is no way for an IRC client to know this, unless the new IRC server is including this information in numeric 005 with a new token.
You could just take off invisible mode and add "/mode $me +i" to your perform for all other networks.
It could simply be fixed with a small script and +i in options dialog turned off

on *:connect:{
  ; set a tempvar for the raw event that it only triggers if its set
  set %checkmode $+ $cid $true
  ; request all modes set on you
  mode $me
raw 221:*:{
  ;if its set -> continue
  if (%checkmode [ $+ [ $cid ] ]) {
    ; remove it since its no longer needed
    unset %checkmode $+ $cid
    ; halt the output
    ; check if i(nvisible) is now in usermode - if not set it
    if (i !isincs $usermode) { mode $me +i }
; remove the old vars that may be left from the last time
on *:start:{ unset %checkmode* }

Note: It won't work if the server is hiding the +i flag too.
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