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Bugs in Channel Central

Posted By: gbz

Bugs in Channel Central - 25/09/10 08:26 PM

Some long entries in Channel Central's ban/except/invite listbox get cut off, even if you scroll all the way to the right.

The amount of text getting cut off varies depending on the entry. While not all long entries get cut off, it seems it happens a lot when the lists contain cloaked vhosts. The following example should reproduce the issue:

/mode #chan +b *@hidden-F35418AD.get.a.job.dont.ask.for.a.freeshell.eu

I've also noticed two smaller glitches:

- Some listbox entries don't leave a space between the hostmask and the creator of the entry. To reproduce:

/mode #chan +b *@729597AD.69BFAAAE.85CFE4E3.IP

- When you delete an entry from the listbox that was long enough for the horizontal scrollbar to be active, the scrollbar remains active even after that entry is removed. The vertical scrollbar behaves differently: It is deactivated immediately after removing the last entry that required it.
Posted By: gbz

Re: Bugs in Channel Central - 02/10/10 11:55 AM

Just had the issue with listbox entries getting cut off happen again, with a normal cloaked host this time, rather than a vhost.

/mode #chan +b *@hiddenhost-69049F0F.c3-0.smt-ubr1.atw-smt.wa.cable.rcn.com

That ban causes the time it was added to get cut off almost completely in Channel Central.
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