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Anyone know what may have happened. I have op status, there is a @ in front of my username. I can do a /mode #channel +o or -o on any user but mIrc refuses to show the op option when I right click on a user to op them.


Does it show the other options?

Press Alt-R, and go to the Popups tab. Then click Menu, View, List. Does everything look ok there, or is it blank?
There is a bunch of stuff there, everything except things relating to opping. My older copy of mIRC on another box looks the same. That one has op in the right click on user floating menu.


Then your other PC should have lines similar to:

.Op: mode # +ooo $$1-
.Deop: mode # -ooo $$1-

Make sure you have Nick List selected in the View menu.

Either paste those lines in your Popups, Nick List field, or select Menu, File, Load, and open a correct popups.ini.
A number of users have reported this same issue and I have just figured out why it is happening. It turns out that in all versions of mIRC prior to v6.34 there was a mistake in the popups.ini file where item numbers for some lines overlapped.

mIRC v7.x is more strict about the formatting in INI files, so when a user upgrades to v7.x and keeps their old (pre-v6.34) popups.ini, the issue becomes apparent.

I will see if I can make the next version of mIRC check for the badly formatted popups.ini in order to cater for it.
I downloaded the 7.14 update and noticed that I had an option to overwrite existing scripts and selected it so I don't know if your fix cured my problem since I'm using current scripts from the 7.14 update.

I wish I had read your message before upgrading

Thank you all,

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