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Posted By: bwuser

mIRC fullscreen - 29/06/10 10:41 AM

It's crashing for me immediately when I hit F11. Did anyone else test it over RDP (Windows 7 x86) yet?
Posted By: Khaled

Re: mIRC fullscreen - 29/06/10 12:42 PM

I tested this feature under remote desktop to a Windows 7 x86 machine and it worked fine here. If you place the v7.06 mirc.exe and an empty mirc.ini in an empty folder and test mIRC from there, does it still crash?
Posted By: bwuser

Re: mIRC fullscreen - 29/06/10 09:25 PM

It's not crashing as long as I have five or less server windows open. Once I make a 6th connection, then hit F11 -> kaboom. It doesn't matter whether I'm actually connected to one of the servers or not.
Fresh install or not doesn't change anything.
I have disabled folders in the Treebar and my Switchbar is hidden. It's only crashing if the child MDI window is maximized.

Does that help?
Posted By: Khaled

Re: mIRC fullscreen - 29/06/10 10:51 PM

Thanks, I was able to reproduce this issue, it should be fixed in the next version.
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