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Posted By: xplo Problems in Channels containing Special chrs - 28/05/10 03:40 AM
I own a channel on undernet called #O
and i tried to join it with the latest beta version.
i was sent in another world...

the channel is #O
and i was sent on #O² <- dunno if its going to be showed but i
will seperated all the chars with dashes "-"


i think its some bug i should report, it would be nice to get it fixed. smile

thank you. btw, its my first post, i never took the time to register here.
See you on the other side wink
any comments or "previousely answered links" ?

or should i rephrase completely?
what is the mIRC version you get this with?

the symbol is usually indicative for an encoding problem (UTF8 vs non-UTF8).
The channel name you are using contains a codepage-specific character that will appear differently to all users on IRC. Since mIRC is now a Unicode application, all text is UTF-8 encoded to ensure that all text looks the same to everyone on IRC. You can find a fuller explanation in previous threads on this issue here, here and here.
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