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Posted By: Excalibur $chr(9) and text cutting... - 03/04/10 11:38 AM
//window -Mke0 @lol | echo @lol $+(/,%::c3,WHOIS,$chr(32),,On,$chr(32),YOU,$chr(9),$chr(9),$chr(32),$fulldate,)

The text in the custom window is cut off..

Window 7 Ultimate 32bit. Segoe UI Semibold.
Posted By: Khaled Re: $chr(9) and text cutting... - 03/04/10 12:37 PM
That looks right to me - the /window -M switch chops text at tab stops. A tab stop is eight characters in length by default. Since you are using a non-monospace font, the width of a space is calculated based on the average character width of that font. If you test this with a monospace font, such as FixedSys, you will see that it is chopping the text at the eighth character.

I would not recommend using the tab stop feature with non-monospace fonts since you will have to manually tweak it until it fits that font's character widths. With a monospace font the spacing will be predictable and will be the same regardless of which monospace font you use.

Note: the old version of mIRC was not calculating average character widths correctly and this has been fixed in the new version, so you may see a discrepancy between 6.35 and 7.0.
Posted By: Excalibur Re: $chr(9) and text cutting... - 03/04/10 05:15 PM
Oh, right... it's just that I was trying to get around the tab display issue I talked about before. Driving me insane to be honest...
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