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Portability issue

Posted By: CrazyRobot

Portability issue - 15/03/09 01:54 PM


I am running my client from my disk-on-key,
and i found a little bug while restarting mIRC:
if you use the command
/exit -r

on portable mode - the mIRC will start in normal mode.

Hope you will be able to fix this in the next release,
Posted By: symphony

Re: Portability issue - 18/03/09 05:16 PM

Portable mode as compact mode?
Posted By: Wims

Re: Portability issue - 18/03/09 05:26 PM

I think he mean -portable, the command line switch (/help command lines)
Posted By: CrazyRobot

Re: Portability issue - 23/03/09 08:21 PM

Yes, i meant the -portable command line argument.
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