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Posted By: genderchanger dcc send -l wont work - 16/04/03 11:40 AM
no matter which value i set for -l it has no effect

i use the format /dcc send -cl2 nick file

for example to send file to nick with a limit of 2kbps.
but mirc goes up to my maximum speed.
Posted By: greeny Re: dcc send -l wont work - 16/04/03 11:54 AM
i can only confirm this, it never worked for me either
Posted By: ParaBrat Re: dcc send -l wont work - 17/04/03 10:25 PM
"max cps per user" option which lets you to limit max cps used by a dcc send to a user in a Fileserve is also applied to /dcc sends initiated in a remote script

This limits the maximum cps used by ALL dcc sends being sent by a fileserver, you can limit the total speed of sends, not individual sends

Posted By: greeny Re: dcc send -l wont work - 21/04/03 07:46 PM
well, not for me. my max cps are set at 8192, yet i am sending files with about 16kb/sec.
Posted By: genderchanger Re: dcc send -l wont work - 22/04/03 12:09 PM
as far as i understood it, the max cps value in the dcc options is the overall setting for all dcc sends. if i set it to ~8092 the sends are limited to 8kb/s, but this applies to all sends. if i have 2 sends, they are both at 4kb/s.
but this is not what i want.

The -lN switch limits the transfer rate to N Kb/s, ...

this is what i want to do. and it doesn't work...
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