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some of the characters at the end of sentences are cut off but other users can still see them. i'm using the font calibri.
Seconding this report.

It doesn't appear to be specific to Calibri, as I got cut off characters using Arial and Candara as well. The key seems to be either ClearType or Vista. Can someone running XP with ClearType confirm if this is happening or not?

Here's an example:
I have the exact same problem running Windows Vista. I'm using Calibri.
I could not reproduce this in Windows XP.
I'm finding this in vista, so far only with the calibri font. It seems to be triggered by the letter 'f' followed by certain other letters.

//var %x = fl | echo -a test $str(%x,5) test

cuts off the final 'st'. If you change 'fl' into 'flat', it cuts off only the final 't' and part of the 's', probably because a higher portion of the string consists of the offending combinations. Using 'fc' or 'fd' doesn't cause the problem at all.

The chop problem might also be related to the way the strings will sometimes turn some of the letters purple.

The calibri chop doesn't seem to happen if you enable bold, and diminishes as you make the font size larger.
I'm presuming this is on mIRC 6.33?

If so, and this wasn't an issue before, it may be caused by:

11.Fixed text display bug due to incorrect text width measurement with some fonts/characters, now using new method to measure text width.
Thanks, it appears that this issue is happening with some fonts and not others. This issue has been fixed for the next version update which should be released very soon.
Very soon meaning within the next month or two? Sorry to ask but it's driving me nuts! smile
Calibri seems to be the only font this problem has been reported at. Until the new release, one work-around could be switching to a different font. For example, Verdana seems to be pretty similar in appearance, as long as you drop down your font size slightly.

Actually, the bug with http://forums.mirc.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=202284 is what's causing the urgency for a sooner-rather-than-later updated version release.
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