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/background bug

Posted By: greeny

/background bug - 24/10/07 07:44 AM

I have a query window named "greeny" and want to change the background.

I type:
/background greeny "E:\Dev\NoNameScript\4.11\scripts\pics\banner_splash.jpg"

and mIRC comes up with:
* /background: no such file 'E:\Dev\NoNameScript\4.11\greeny'

Works perfectly in 6.21, errors in 6.3.
Bug? :-)
Posted By: Horstl

Re: /background bug - 24/10/07 01:33 PM

Have a look here smile
Posted By: greeny

Re: /background bug - 24/10/07 02:00 PM

Seems like I didn't have a deep enough look...
Thanks and sorry for posting this dupe :-)
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