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$tip() bug.

Posted By: Jigsy

$tip() bug. - 17/08/07 05:03 PM

Maybe this classifies as a bug, I'm not sure:

Originally Posted By: "Jigsy, from the help file. (Go figure.)"


name, title, text are required.
delay, iconfn, iconpos, alias, and wid can be $null.


//noop $tip($ctime,Title,Text)


* Invalid parameters: $tip
Posted By: hixxy

Re: $tip() bug. - 17/08/07 05:06 PM

Not a bug. That's withholding the parameter altogether.

Try this:

//noop $tip($ctime,Title,Text,,,,,)
Posted By: segosu

Re: $tip() bug. - 17/08/07 08:35 PM

I don't understand this behaviour. It doesn't match the behaviour of any other mIRC aliases. For example:

$readini(mirc.ini,n,text,defport) == 6667

$readini(mirc.ini,text,defport) == 6667

$readini(mirc.ini,,text,defport) == $null
Posted By: hixxy

Re: $tip() bug. - 17/08/07 10:38 PM

It is different, but the help file says the other parameters can be $null, it doesn't say they're optional parameters.

It's possibly because $tip() takes so many parameters and it would be a pain to check for various combinations of optional parameters.
Posted By: Jigsy

Re: $tip() bug. - 17/08/07 10:40 PM

I wonder why $tip(<name>,<title>,<text>) doesn't treat it like $tip(<name>,<title>,<text>,,,,,,).
Posted By: segosu

Re: $tip() bug. - 17/08/07 10:50 PM

Indeed. I think it would make sense that $tip(1,2,3,4) would treat the rest of the missing parameters as $nulls, so *only* if you had a specific requirement for say the owning window, would you need to do $tip(1,2,3,4,,,,,wid).
Posted By: argv0

Re: $tip() bug. - 18/08/07 01:20 AM

it'd make a great Feature Suggestion, but as noted above, it's not a bug.
Posted By: Strider

Re: $tip() bug. - 18/08/07 06:16 AM

Haha, I fought with that identifier for like 10 minutes until I realized that the help file doesn't mention that they're optional parameters, just that they can be $null. Even though this is not a bug, I agree that $tip(name,title,text) should work.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: $tip() bug. - 22/08/07 12:11 PM

I'll be changing this in the next version so that the $null parameters can also be optional.
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