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Posted By: twigboy channel log buffer being cleared incorrectly - 08/06/07 05:26 AM
pic 1. if ive left mirc on an active channel for a while, the scrollbar shrinks to something pretty small.

pic 2. when i try to scroll back to read the history, notice how the scrollbar grows. the chat window also leaves me with a random amount of text, but cut off at a certain point.

pic 3. i scrolled back down a bit to show how the first line isnt cut off at the first character, but somewhere in between the sentence/line.

my mirc is not using any theming scripts of any sort so its not a scripting bug.
just wondering what option i have to disable to make it store everything in memory.
i've tried increasing the number of lines in the buffer to 5000 and 10000 but it doesnt seem to affect this.
Which version are you running and what windows version? I do remember this happening but I can't say I've experienced if for a while. I wonder if it's something that has already been fixed and you're using an older version ?

~ Edit ~
Maybe I haven't seen it for a while because my window buffer is set to 1000 .. also maybe this is why I set it that low. I can't recall.
oh sorry, forgot to include that
mIRC v6.21 and Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2 (5.1 - 2600)

i'll change it back to 1000 and see if i notice anything strange
it still seems to be happening
if not, even at a quicker rate
it doesnt even need to scroll before text is cut off at an irregular interval
this bug has been reported a few timer before, but for older versions of mIRC/windows
I have the same exact problem. It's super annoying and I really wish it could be fixed.

My version of mIRC is 6.31 and I'm using Windows XP SP2 5.1.2600.
I have some small homemade scripts, but no themescript or fullscript.
To OP: Can you reproduce this on 6.31 on your system?
I actually just came here to report this. I was running 6.2? (i can't remember the exact version) until a couple days ago. I can be off in another window, and then go back to another channel and the buffer is gone except for the last 10 or so lines of text, and the 11th is the last bit of a random portion of that line.

it's really frustrating. I'm considering finding an old version and downgrading until it's fixed because of it.

And I run both XP and Vista 32bit (dual boot) if that makes a difference (it happens itboth, and it didn't happen until I upgraded, so :))

Okay I was running 6.17.
I just tried 6.2 and the same problem occured within less than 5 minutes. So I downgraded back to 6.17 and now the problem is gone. So, that means the problem started with 6.2.[/edit]
Again, can you reproduce this on a completely clean copy of 6.31, not 6.2x. It may have already been fixed.

The first issue is normal - as more text is displayed in the window, the scrollbar will decrease in size to indicate the amount of text in the window. This is actually a windows feature, so it's not something I can change.

The second issue is by design - if there are thousands of lines in your window, and you resize the window at some point, mIRC only updates and resizes them if you scroll back to view them, and this in turn updates the scrollbar size.

The third issue is also by design - when the number of lines in your window exceed the window buffer size that you have set in the Options/Other dialog, mIRC removes lines from the top of your window buffer. I could make mIRC remove whole lines, however it has used the current method for many years.
If you are saying that there were thousands of lines in a window, and when you returned to it later there were only ten or so lines, then there is clearly something wrong. This does not sound like the same issue that was reported at the start of this thread however.

Since you are using mIRC 6.2x, I would recommend moving to 6.31 which has had a whole range of fixes and changes which might have already fixed the particular issue you are seeing. If you are still able to reproduce this in a clean install of mIRC 6.31, it would really help if you could describe a step by step method that reproduces this issue for you.
My buffer was set to 5000 (which is standard I believe), I changed it to 50000 to try and stop this problem but it didn't make any difference.

I tried doing
//echo -s $line($active,0)
in all my channel windows and they all had between 20-200 lines in them. The amount of lines in the window didn't change by scrolling up for me, it's just the scrollbar that gets bigger and this issue I can live with, it's not a big problem imo. What I don't like is that I can't look back on conversations that have just happened in a channel frown

I will do a clean install of mIRC 6.31 and try that for a while and see if the problem persists.
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