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Posted By: RoCk

editbox - 28/01/07 09:46 PM

I believe this is a bug..
Posted By: Strider

Re: editbox - 29/01/07 09:13 AM


mIRC 6.21
Windows XP Media Center Edition

Message is sent after pressing the "W" key for around 108 seconds.
Posted By: cold

Re: editbox - 29/01/07 09:59 AM

Confirmed... 6.21, WinXP SP2
It also occurs when you're pasting large ammounts of text.
Posted By: Scripto

Re: editbox - 29/01/07 04:48 PM

I have v6.12... same there too
Posted By: visionz

Re: editbox - 31/01/07 06:06 PM

Well, it always did that since I use mIRC and I don't consider this as a bug...
Posted By: cold

Re: editbox - 01/02/07 02:55 AM

Why wouldn't it be a bug?
Posted By: visionz

Re: editbox - 01/02/07 03:09 PM

Why would it be? smile
Posted By: cold

Re: editbox - 02/02/07 01:18 AM

It sends lines to the server when it's not meant to.
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: editbox - 02/02/07 01:30 AM

I guess it depends on whether it was intentional for some reason or not. Whether intentional or not, I don't think it should send it if you hold a key down for a long period of time. It may or may not be a bug based on what Khaled meant to happen, but it should be prevented regardless.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: editbox - 06/02/07 02:06 PM

When the Windows single-line editbox becomes full it treats that as if a return key has been pressed and clears the editbox. Some versions ago I placed a limit on the number of characters that could be typed into the editbox to prevent the above problem. However the limit also prevented users from pasting multiple lines into a single-line editbox, eg. in the case where they wanted to send several separate lines into a channel or query window. So the limitation was removed to permit this.
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