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windows().y bug?

Posted By: TomT

windows().y bug? - 17/12/02 12:45 PM

I am using mIRC 6.03 and XP Pro. I find that when reading the .y value of a custom window on the desktop, that the value is incremented by '30'. I am curious to know if this is an issue related to mIRC, XP, both or something totally unrelated?

Note .x .w .h remain constant.
Posted By: Collective

Re: windows().y bug? - 17/12/02 01:19 PM

What switches are you using when creating the window?
Posted By: TomT

Re: windows().y bug? - 17/12/02 01:27 PM

switches used are: -alksd
Posted By: Hammer

Re: windows().y bug? - 17/12/02 10:03 PM

That extra 30 is probably for the titlebar of that window. Try the following to commands. The first gives you information about the window itself, including borders/titlebar. The second gives you just the display area for that window.

//echo -ati2 * (xywh) $window(@windowname).x $window(@windowname).y $window(@windowname).w $window(@windowname).h
//echo -ati2 * (xywh) $window(@windowname).dx $window(@windowname).dy $window(@windowname).dw $window(@windowname).dh
Posted By: TomT

Re: windows().y bug? - 18/12/02 02:46 AM

well.. I agree.. thats what is happening.. now.. is there an option I have missed somewhere that is causing that quirk.. cause in talking with someone else with similiar setup as mine.. 6.03 and xp.. they sy they are not experiencing the same oddity
Posted By: Hammer

Re: windows().y bug? - 18/12/02 08:14 AM

Nope, no option to change that. They probably just don't notice the difference, or they have already switched from .y to .dy.
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