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Sometime "minimize" on taskbar button doesnt work.

Posted By: TheShadowRunner

Sometime "minimize" on taskbar button doesnt work. - 22/12/06 07:20 AM

Hey all, I haven't been able to detect what causes that bug but sometimes pressing the mirc button on the taskbar to minimize the mIRC window just doesn't work, it does nothing.

Once in that state, i can press it as many times as I try, it will _never_ minimize the window.

To make it work again, i right-click the tray button and select minimize in the context menu then the taskbar button minimize/restore function start working again by clicking on it.

I am using mIRC 6.21 on XP HOME SP2 and all patches to this date.
The bug isn't new to this build. It has behaved that way as far as I can remember using mirc which is a couple of years.

If you need further infos on my system/setup to debug this, just let me know.


Edit: I have taken a small video to explain better:
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: Sometime "minimize" on taskbar button doesnt work. - 22/12/06 01:23 PM

I have had various apps do this sort of thing, so I think it's a Windows bug. I could be wrong, though.
Posted By: TheShadowRunner

Re: Sometime "minimize" on taskbar button doesnt work. - 23/12/06 01:26 PM

for me the bug has always happened ONLY for mirc.
I think it's some kind of focus problem.
Thank you for your answer nevertheless.

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