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Posted By: raZOR the beep - 21/12/06 06:16 PM
why does mirc when used /beep (typed or in script)
calls beep 3 times instead once?

thinking this was windows mistake i went to sounds option
in control panel and it doesnt beep 3 times but once as it should, while mirc does it 3 times...

i use XP SP1, mirc 6.20,6.21

and does anyone else has this issue?

~heres the link to how it sounds on my pc:
Posted By: Riamus2 Re: the beep - 21/12/06 11:55 PM
I don't use it, but I tested /beep awhile ago for another issue and it did it only once. As a note, mIRC doesn't use the same /beep command as Windows... that's why /beep on mIRC is done through the speakers rather than the PC Speaker. That may be part of it.
Posted By: raZOR Re: the beep - 22/12/06 12:14 AM
so you say it is a soundcard issue?
Posted By: Sais Re: the beep - 22/12/06 12:26 AM
/beep 1

In alt-o Sounds Event Beep->Beeps, do you have '3', perchance?
Posted By: raZOR Re: the beep - 22/12/06 12:28 AM
omg... im so embaresed...
i never even noticed that option there O_O

lol and it is set to 5...

thanks *shame mode*
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