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command line switch bug

Posted By: Jae

command line switch bug - 25/11/06 10:21 AM

i installed mirc to the folder:


i then ran mirc and typed the following command (which changes the root dir):

/run mirc.exe -r..\..\test\

which should use the folder:


in the new mirc opened i then typed

//echo mircdir: $mircdir

and i get:

mircdir: X:\folder\mirc6.21\..\..\test\

yet doing the command:

/run .

takes me to the directory:


so $mircdir is returning the wrong thing
interesting though,

/run mirc.exe -r"X:\a b -r\"

will in fact result in

//echo mircdir: $mircdir

returning "X:\a b -r\" as it should

also using -s can give strange results when using it twice, i had it where if i had two servers there, if something came up asking for my name/email/etc then it would run the second -s switch, but otherwise do the first -s switch.

Posted By: DaveC

Re: command line switch bug - 25/11/06 07:51 PM

If your going to use a relative path then thats pretty much what you should expect to be returned when asking what the $mircdir is.

and of course....
X:\folder\mirc6.21\..\..\test\ IS X:\test\ anyway!
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