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Posted By: AlphaOrb DDE-Bug: Topic: USERS - 03/11/06 08:23 PM
when I try to read the users joined to a special channel in mIRC via DDE, I can only read the users from the one channel, that is actually selected...

But I need to see also users in channels, that are not selectet in mirc.

Please fix this bug! confused
Posted By: Sephiroth_ Re: DDE-Bug: Topic: USERS - 03/11/06 09:49 PM
use "command" and evaluate it
Posted By: AlphaOrb Re: DDE-Bug: Topic: USERS - 03/11/06 11:11 PM
The Problem is "users". When I call it on a channel, not selected in mirc, I got an empty string as result.

A simple bug.
Posted By: Khaled Re: DDE-Bug: Topic: USERS - 06/11/06 02:26 PM
That's right, DDE topics return the value for the currently active server, since you could be on multiple servers and joined on the same named channel on all of them. If you want to retrieve information across multiple server connections, you must use the COMMAND topic to evaluate it.
Posted By: Sais Re: DDE-Bug: Topic: USERS - 06/11/06 04:54 PM
It seems to work fine for me - whether the channel is active or not in mIRC, I get the users list.

Or did you mean that you can't get a users list for a channel which mIRC has not joined?

[I should refresh before posting....ignore the above smile ]
Posted By: Doqnach Re: DDE-Bug: Topic: USERS - 07/11/06 12:01 AM
seeing the reply from khaled it would be a channel on a different server then the one he has currenly active (aka, server window or channel/pm/whatever selected at)

let's say he wants to know #A on network A, but he has channel #B on network B selected he doesn't get the info because the DDE method he uses only returns stuff for the _ACTIVE_ server connection
Posted By: AlphaOrb Re: DDE-Bug: Topic: USERS - 08/11/06 08:34 PM
ok, I will test it with a mirc connectet to only one server
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