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Posted By: Coolkill /aline, etc and logging custom windows - 01/09/06 10:41 AM
//log on @moo | window @moo | aline @moo This line won't log | echo @moo This line should be logged | run $qt($findfile($logdir,@moo.*,1)))

Any particular reason why /echo would log and /aline would not? smile

Coolkill / Eamonn. (@#helpdesk,@#irchelp,@#nohack.)
Posted By: jaytea Re: /aline, etc and logging custom windows - 01/09/06 11:44 AM
i've noticed this before, but accepted it as reasonable behavior :tongue: for some reason it doesnt feel like it should be a bug lol, i wouldnt expect custom windows to normally be used as windows that required logging.. so it should follow that commands assosciated specifically for custom wins shouldnt log by default, especially since it's a bit more intensive processing-wise (since it writes to a file). however i do think this behavior of /aline, and other /*line commands, should be documented blush
Posted By: Coolkill Re: /aline, etc and logging custom windows - 01/09/06 11:55 AM
to keep others in the loop, our discussion and prevent repeats:

<jaytea> Coolkill i replied to your bög report laugh
<jaytea> ye mirc.com's bug report forum o_O
<Coolkill> yea i read it, made no sense to me (what you said)
<Coolkill> if its going to a custom window, it should be logged especially since you cannot use /echo in a custom window, other than to add to the bottom (/top) of the buffer
<Coolkill> i.e. you cannot insert (hence my issue), in the end i got fed up and made it savebuf on close
<Coolkill> and seeing how /echo supports a flag to 'not log' that to me indicates, mirc isnt logging the window, but rather the parameters of the command
<Coolkill> (hence the issue with not logging /line cmds. =)

Posted By: qwerty Re: /aline, etc and logging custom windows - 01/09/06 12:12 PM
Since you're talking about insertion, I assume you're now referring to /iline and not to /aline. If so, logging is undesirable exactly because /iline can insert lines; to insert a line in the middle of a log file, mirc has to rewrite the entire file below that line. Now imagine calling /iline in a loop when the log file has grown considerably big... Doing a /savebuf yourself after the loop has finished is indeed a far better approach.

In my opinion, /*line commands should not log by default. That said, a new /*line switch that makes the command update the log file might be of use (or abuse :tongue:) to some.
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