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$gmt zzz bug

Posted By: Jae

$gmt zzz bug - 26/08/06 05:19 AM

//echo -a $gmt($ctime,dddd dd mmmm yyyy (HH:nn:ss zzz))
Saturday 26 August 2006 (05:10:41 +1000 GMT)

i got a feeling the +1000 might a bug..
as it was 15:10.. and returned 05:10 (+0000 GMT)
yet said +1000 GMT
Posted By: Rand

Re: $gmt zzz bug - 26/08/06 09:41 AM

I can't see a bug here.

Though I think it is possible that you may be confused.

When dealing with Daylight Savings Time, for instance my own time zone is: Central Standard Time. (Though at this moment it is Central Daylights Savings Time). CST and CDT.

When we are on CST we are -6 hours from GMT. While on CDT (right this moment) we are -5 hours from GMT.

The only possible issue I can see as far as "zzz" goes, is that it returns "-0600" while Daylight Savings is in effect, instead of -0500. However, we do have $daylight to help with that.
Posted By: Jae

Re: $gmt zzz bug - 29/08/06 09:57 AM

My point is it tells my timezone.. yet displays the time in gmt, perhaps in some ways it may be right.. but by putting in a different time in there, its essentually returning the wrong thing.
As its converting the time to be in GMT +0000, but is showing +1000
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