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Start mirc, lost all script files

Posted By: snabbi

Start mirc, lost all script files - 05/06/06 02:28 PM

I encountered this problem in previous mIRC version, but I am unable to replicate the problem.This is what happend:

I started mIRC, I typed /remote off, because I wanted to join a large room without using on join scripts. I forgot to type /remote on again and closed mIRC later on. The next day I started mIRC again and all my remote script files were unloaded. My variables have disappered too, but my aliases were still there.

I know I am not the only person having this problem, because I heard a friend of mine designed a special reload script for people who are using his script. (He get this report once a month).

I tried to find the problem using the search, but was not able to find a topic. Can anybody explain what happend? Can it be solved?

(Using mIRC 6.17 with Windows XP SP2)
Posted By: DaveC

Re: Start mirc, lost all script files - 05/06/06 09:13 PM

Let me get this straight, you want to know how to solve a problem, that you cant even reproduce, that may have existed in a previous version of mirc as yet undefined. Which may or maynot have had anything to do with you joining a channel, or your friends script.

Well yeeehaaa im going to fall back on old and simple logic, Arcoms razor (sp?) all things being equal the simplest solution is normally the correct one. And ill say it was human error, you likley did it to yourself.
Posted By: MikeChat

Re: Start mirc, lost all script files - 06/06/06 03:15 AM

actually I have had this happen, as well as two others using different versions.
the files arent removed, the alias.ini files stay loaded, the remotes get unloaded.

to make life easy, save a copy of mirc.ini into the mircdirbackup folder

if you lose the remotes then with mirc closed copy that ini back to the main folder and continue on
Posted By: STING

Re: Start mirc, lost all script files - 06/06/06 11:40 AM

I can confirm this bug, which has been there for many years - multiple versions. As it can't be reproduced it's very difficult to say what versions are affected.
Posted By: ARcanUSNUMquam

Re: Start mirc, lost all script files - 08/06/06 06:25 AM

Same thing just happened to me... Disconcerting. But so far, after about 1.5-2 yrs of using mIRC, it has only happened to me once. I am using 6.17 with Win XP SP2
Posted By: snabbi

Re: Start mirc, lost all script files - 18/06/06 07:58 AM

I really know for sure it wasn't accidently trigged (thus human error). As you can see I am not the only person affected with this bug. I was wondering what could cause this phenomenon. The only thing I have come up with, is that the mirc.ini file gets corrupted, for example by exiting mIRC while it refreshes the mirc.ini file.

This could cause the loss of the loaded Remote files and because it is impossible to have no remote files loaded it switches to a single aliases file and a single remote file.

But I am just guessing here. Still unable to reproduce.

The reason I reported the bug is that although I do not expect a solution right away, I do think it can be solved in the long run. I hope that combining my problem with others we get a better picture to be able to reproduce this in the future.
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