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Posted By: b3th3rS

mirc 6.03 - 07/03/03 04:54 AM

Okay... I really have to ask this...

I have been using mIRC for 6 years I love it.. but used 6.03 since it came out.. What annoys me the most about mIRC 6.x is when you hit the option button.. to bring the mIRC options.. it takes its time to open it.. i'd say at least 25 to 30 secs.. cuz when i was on 5.x like 5.11 to 5.9, the mIRC options loaded up fast... so Im wonderin why it is happening on mIRC 6.x on XP? I asked couple of ppl who uses XP and some of them said it did take its time ot load up mirc options.. so they said mIRC went 32bit instead of 16bit... so i dunno if dats true anyways... could this be a bug? my pc is running fine.. i have enuff memmory, enuff hd space etc..

two of my mIRC.exe is on both hds (13gb an 60gb) and I have 384mb ram, running WinXP Pro...

Posted By: _D3m0n_

Re: mirc 6.03 - 07/03/03 06:12 AM

updates all done??? and really on xp pro just sitting there doing nothing at all other than running mirc my pc uses approximatly 250 mb ...... thats when im not trying to open anything and its just running ....... i dont notice any lag in the tiime it takes mine to open on either of the 4 pcs its on ..... fastests is 2.0 ghtz athlon xp with 1024 mb ram ..... slowest is a 1.33 ghtz athlon with 512 mb ram that one is on windows 98 se ....... also have u run defragment recently ...... things like that do help too ........ altho it could just be a fluke ...... but i dont think its a mirc bug id check everything in ur system just to be sure ........defrag ..... clean out temp folders things like that ...... even a cooling problem for ur pc would make it perform slower than it should ........ check into any or all of those things and see if that helps u any ... if at all ....... again i dont think it is a mirc bug but probably ur system is just having alil trouble at that particular point in opening that options dialog
Posted By: qwerty

Re: mirc 6.03 - 07/03/03 10:20 AM

I don't think it has to do with 32-bit or XP. What I do know is that the Options dialog and the mIRC Editor take an awfully long time to open when Norton Antivirus Auto Protect is running in the background. If you have it running, disable it (or unload it, though I think just disabling it works) and see if it's that.
Posted By: b3th3rS

Re: mirc 6.03 - 07/03/03 10:23 PM

I use Nortons AntiVirus 2003 and Its always been disable, so It aint that scanner.. btw Mirc Editior opened up just fine.. its just the mIRC options only
Posted By: b3th3rS

Re: mirc 6.03 - 07/03/03 10:28 PM

btw.. I defrag my pc once a week..scan disk twice a month... cleaned temp files every 3 days... etc... im a pc tech, so lol ive tried everything i can thin of.. I even have mIRC 5.9 here on XP and it opened u pjust fine... :x
Posted By: codemastr

Re: mirc 6.03 - 08/03/03 01:16 AM

Umm so let me see if I understand your suggestion... disable virus protection in order to make mIRC load faster? Whats next, are you gonna give him a link to d/l a special exe that will make mIRC load faster?

I have Norton Antivirus 2003 (auto protect enabled) running under WinXP and using mIRC 6.03, there is NO delay in opening the options dialog.
Posted By: b3th3rS

Re: mirc 6.03 - 08/03/03 02:08 AM

Could it be maybe im running AMD 475mhz?
Posted By: qwerty

Re: mirc 6.03 - 08/03/03 03:55 AM

Since apparently you didn't read my post carefully enough, I've used bold tags to help you.

If you have it running, disable it (or unload it, though I think just disabling it works) and see if it's that.

I advised him to disable it temporarily, so that he can test my theory. What he does next is his concern (he could add mirc to Norton's exclusion list for example). Although you made it sound like I'm giving dangerous advice to people, your post was totally pointless, if not stupid.
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: mirc 6.03 - 08/03/03 04:25 AM

yes, starting with v6.0, there is no longer a 16 bit version, only 32 bit. ( not that it should have anything to do with this)

i run an AMD 450, altho with win98se, and i dont have any slowness with opening options.

Since you said some other xp users are having the same probs, i gather others you asked dont. Wonder if the "Smooth edges of screen fonts" windows function that others have mentioned could be an issue here. Does this happen to you ALL the time or only under certain conditions?
Posted By: b3th3rS

Re: mirc 6.03 - 08/03/03 11:23 PM

*shrugs* heck if i know.. like i said i just thought its a bug... if its not.. no big deal... its just weird that its happening.. i used 6.x since it FIRST came out.. btw.. added the mirc to the list in my virus scanner? erm okay... lets see.. dat problem happened before I purchased nortons... so therefore it can't be Nortons... Maybe its just my system... Not too worried about it... Ill just deal with it til i get new pc this summer.. thx all
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