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Application Error

Posted By: ARcanUSNUMquam

Application Error - 10/04/06 01:06 AM


I got an application error, any idea what's up?

Faulting application mirc.exe, version, faulting module ssleay32.dll, version, fault address 0x00017b84.

It looks like it's because of OpenSSL v0.9.8a (latest), so should I take it to the OpenSSL guys?

Using Win XP SP2, with latest critical updates
ZoneAlarm Pro Firewall
Panda AntiVirus
Homemade mIRC scripts loaded
Posted By: genius_at_work

Re: Application Error - 10/04/06 02:05 AM

Did you try to use an SSL socket? mIRC SSL sockets are buggy in version 6.17, and are basically unusable. If you need sockets, you will have to use non-ssl sockets or wait until the next bugfix release.

Posted By: ARcanUSNUMquam

Re: Application Error - 10/04/06 03:04 AM

I was on a SSL connection to a server when it happened, not a SSL socket. According to my logs, last event from the server was a bunch of the usual PING PONGs.
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