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Changing fonts on minimized windows.

Posted By: Seifer

Changing fonts on minimized windows. - 19/03/06 09:37 PM

I posted this a while back but cannot find the original thread, it's not really a major problem just an annoyance I've come across.

Anyway, when changing the font of a minimized window via right-clicking on the switchbar button and selecting font, mIRC does not save the changes made.

Type //echo -a $window($active).font - $window($active).fontsize in the status window.
Minimize the status window and right-click on the button, selecting font.
Change the font to anything else.
Restore the status window and you can see the font hasn't changed, type //echo -a $window($active).font - $window($active).fontsize again just to be sure.

Using the /font command on a minimized window, in this case /font -s ..., changes the font without a problem.

Windows XP Pro, mIRC 6.17
Posted By: Khaled

Re: Changing fonts on minimized windows. - 24/03/06 09:52 AM

Thanks this should be fixed in the next bugfix release.
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