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Posted By: krunch

$findfile - 21/02/06 01:37 AM

Im not sure if this is a bug but when using this code in mIRC 6.16
alias tmp { 
  var %ticks = $ticks 
  echo $findfile(f:\mp3s\,*.mp3,$r(1,$findfile(f:\mp3s\,*.mp3,0))).shortfn  took $calc(($ticks - %ticks) /1000)

it returns

f:\mp3s\Singles\TISM-(~1.MP3 took 0.531

but when in mIRC 6.17 it
returns this

f:\mp3s\FULLCD~1\ROLLIN~1\CD2\16-TUM~1.MP3 took 17.625

thats seems to be a big time difference
Posted By: RusselB

Re: $findfile - 21/02/06 02:40 AM

The fact that you have a random factor in your code will make a difference, although how much of a difference I'm not sure. To do a proper comparison, replace that random factor with a fixed amount and the run your tests, that way you'll be getting the timings based on exactly the same information.
Posted By: krunch

Re: $findfile - 21/02/06 03:52 AM

changing the $r(1,$findfile(f:\mp3s\,*.mp3,0)) to $r(1,8000)
give the return of
mIRC 6.16
f:\mp3s\FULLCD~1\KILLBI~1.1(O\14-''T~1.MP3 took 0.109

mIRC 6.17
f:\mp3s\FULLCD~1\VA-LUD~1\05-SHA~1.MP3 took 10.64

so there still seems to big a difference
Posted By: Collective

Re: $findfile - 21/02/06 03:56 AM

$r(1,1800) is not a fixed value.

Change it to a real fixed value (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 3000) and then try it. Don't use $r, that gives a random number and hence a random test.

Also note that there is caching involved, even after you close mIRC. The first run of the alias will take longer than subsequent ones, even in seperate mIRC sessions.
Posted By: krunch

Re: $findfile - 21/02/06 04:04 AM

how to clear the cache?

running the test

mIRC 6.16
f:\mp3s\FULLCD~1\FOOFIG~1\08-LON~1.MP3 took 0.078
mIRC 6.17
:\mp3s\FULLCD~1\FOOFIG~1\08-LON~1.MP3 took 1.547

thats with out clearing the cache, but ran in that order, .16 first then .17
Posted By: RusselB

Re: $findfile - 21/02/06 05:30 AM

Looks like yet another slow down report for 6.17...there seems to have been a lot of these.
Posted By: genius_at_work

Re: $findfile - 21/02/06 05:32 AM

I blame the Unicode. Maybe there should be a non-unicode version available..

Posted By: qwerty

Re: $findfile - 21/02/06 07:04 AM

(general reply) you people are getting a bit ahead of yourselves. As Collective said, you'd have to do a test with a fixed number and repeat it a fair number of times, since any subsequent $findfile()'s are much faster due to caching (Windows, not mirc). I did some testing too and found absolutely no performance difference in $findfile() between 6.16 and 6.17.

As for Unicode having to do anythign with the reported slow-downs (the real ones, like /timers or, for some people, window switching and/or text display), I don't think anybody has (or can supply) any evidence that support this.
Posted By: krunch

Re: $findfile - 21/02/06 11:46 AM

I hope that is the case that there is now performance difference,

but I cant see why I'm getthing these differences
im running that test code on 6.16 first and then 6.17 so if anything it should be faster but its still slower
Posted By: genius_at_work

Re: $findfile - 21/02/06 02:47 PM

Try restarting your computer, and then running the hardcoded (not random) version of the code on 6.16. Then restart your computer again and run the same code on 6.17. That way there should be no advantages given to either mIRC.

Posted By: Khaled

Re: $findfile - 22/02/06 02:55 PM

This is due to the extra processing needed for the new ; semi-colon feature in $findfile(). I'll see if I can change it so that it works as fast as before if the ; semi-colon is not used.
Posted By: qwerty

Re: $findfile - 22/02/06 03:10 PM

You're absolutely right, I stand corrected. The difference is barely noticeable with small N's (I tried with N up to 500 in my initial tests) but since I didn't find any difference then, I didn't bother with bigger numbers. This was a mistake: testing on a big hard drive with 15,000 files, N being 0, I did notice a big performance difference.
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