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100% cpu

Posted By: owine

100% cpu - 20/02/06 05:56 PM

i upgraded to mirc 6.17 from 6.16 and now when its open for a while in the task manager i see 3 mirc.exe processes listed and combined they use 100% cpu. i think this is a mirc bug itself as it happened even when i didnt have my addon script loaded.
Posted By: loadet

Re: 100% cpu - 23/02/06 12:27 PM

i have experienced 100% cpu load aswell after the upgrade a few times (3). after a close down mirc a process will still be there taking up most of the cpu time.
Posted By: Armada

Re: 100% cpu - 03/03/06 12:33 AM

Ive had mIRC running for 1w 4d 19h 46m 22s and have had no issue. No major cpu usage and trust me I would notice im sitting on a 498mhz pos. The most ive seen mIRC use is around 70% and that was during a botnet attack, which I get the client connection notice from the server.
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