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ALT + status button click

Posted By: SergioNL

ALT + status button click - 27/02/03 01:34 PM

if i do alt + status button click to minimize the channel, and /join a channel on that server afterwards trough a remote script or status window then that #channel gets popuped in the list while it should be hidden like the rest of the channels on the server

sorry if a post like this was there already, i suk at searching
Posted By: Hammer

Re: ALT + status button click - 27/02/03 02:09 PM

Since you're joining the channel later through script, add this:

JOIN -n #channel
window -h #channel
Posted By: SergioNL

Re: ALT + status button click - 27/02/03 02:59 PM

thnx for the tip
Posted By: Nimue

Re: ALT + status button click - 01/03/03 03:45 AM

Just so you know, that isn't a bug, it is intended to happen.
You can use this on a Status Window switchbar button to show/hide all buttons associated with the status window.

New windows will always have their buttons displayed even if the hide option is on.

You can also use Alt+F1 to show/hide buttons.
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