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Posted By: huebleu1 new bug in 6.16 - 15/10/05 08:49 PM
hello there is a bug in version 6.16 of mIRC when i stop recieving bytes of internet from my isp it disconnect me at randon time even though you are removed from server as online at normally right time but mirc disconect it after some time 20 minutes and some time after 30 minutes whats the problem? any solution the event sound on disconnect is lately played create lots of problems thanks for solution in advance
Posted By: qwerty Re: new bug in 6.16 - 15/10/05 10:07 PM
hi there i had to read your post three times and still didnt understand what you said and thats because you use no punctuation at all punctuation is a good thing it makes your text actually readable if you use punctuation the chances of getting an answer are much higher if you found this hard to read imagine how we feel
Posted By: huebleu1 Re: bug in 6.16 - 16/10/05 01:14 AM
The simple problem is that mIRC does not disconnect me when i got disconnected from server/s. Now the question arises why i want mirc to get me disconnect? well i am not actively using mIRC but i want to stay online so for this reason i activated the sound on event disconnect so that when i am around i can put in my input to connect to internet!

mIRC rely on traditional method of checking disconnection but now there are many types of internet connections so on idle it should check the response from server to check disconnection.and if not recieve response from the server within 10 second it should disconnect me right away so that i can reconnect right away.

Moreover i just claim "New Bug" i dont know whats going on previous version.
Moreover i cant say its a bug may be the solution is within my mIRC. If this is a case then help me out of this problem.
Posted By: HobophobE Re: bug in 6.16 - 16/10/05 02:25 AM
technically this is not a bug.

however, if you feel it would suit your interests to have mIRC disconnect you as you have described, it would be a fairly simple thing to do via mIRC's scripting abilities.

I am not the best person to ask, so you might want to post over in the scripting forum, but here is the way I can see to do it off the top of my head:

1. set up a timer that is run when you first start mIRC or on first connecting that periodically sends a message to yourself with the $ctime variable. this does not have to be /msg or /notice, for example you could have it do a whois that would use the ctime, and personally I find this method is advantageous because unlike some commands the client sends to server, if I remember correctly whois will not reset the server's idle time for you, so it would not affect an away script that used the server's idle time for you.

2. set up an event to check for that message, and check the difference by: $ctime minus the ctime given in the message. if the difference is greater than what you want (ie, 10 seconds) then have mIRC disconnect and connect.

anyway, I hope this helps, because really this is not a bug with mIRC, it is something that can easily be done with it if that is what you want to do with it. all it takes is a little knowledge, so if you need help be sure to post it over in the scripting forums to get your help there.
Posted By: Om3n Re: new bug in 6.16 - 16/10/05 03:02 AM
mIRC already communicates with the server via ping pong events to determine if you are still connected, and will disconnect you are an amount of time goes by with no reply's (much less than the 20-30 minutes you are experiencing). The server side however has its own timeout period before the nick is killed for timing out.

The exception i have noticed with this behavior is when using ssl, from time to time i also seem to be connected and attempt to send a message (which fails and then finally disconnects me), while infact i had timed out from the server hours ago sometimes even more. However i have only ever experienced this issue when connecting with ssl.

As stated, you could script custom ping pong events or anything really to check your connection is still active, but be aware if there is server lag you could incorrectly disconnect yourself periodically. Also, sometimes there are 'pauses' in your internet connection that cause things to stop responding, however when the activity resumes your connections will resume without disconnection, by scripting something you would likely force yourself to disconnect in these circumstances also.
Posted By: Kelder Re: new bug in 6.16 - 16/10/05 09:31 AM
It has happened to me on non-ssl connections. Thinking 'hey, it's quiet today on the chat' and then getting disconnected when you try to say something frown
Posted By: Mpdreamz Re: new bug in 6.16 - 16/10/05 10:11 AM
confirmed here too i get it on a non ssl connection aswell, thinking "hmmm why was the last ping pong 4 hours ago :/" though i only experience it if im hooked in my home network if i put my internet straight into my pc i never get it. I always put it down to my cheap 10 dollar router :tongue:
Posted By: Om3n Re: new bug in 6.16 - 16/10/05 10:47 AM
Have never noticed it happen to me on non-ssl, but it definately happens from time to time and i have no interfearing router so thats not the issue.
Posted By: ClickHeRe Re: new bug in 6.16 - 16/10/05 10:52 AM
I use a timer with an invalid command name for each connection opened with a 2 min delay. since it's an invalid mIRC command, it tries to send it to the server and if the server is not there, hence de "silent" disconnect, mIRC realizes it and disconnects and reconnects since it's auto in the options.

It's the best way I've found to have it automated. But curiously it doesn't happen on my first active connection in mIRC, it only happens to the second+ whatever server it is in first position.
Posted By: Riamus2 Re: new bug in 6.16 - 17/10/05 12:48 PM
I've had it happen in the past on non-SSL... but with my current connection and current mIRC versions (I use 6.14 and 6.16 both), it has never done that to me. I'm not sure if it was a mIRC change or my ISP change. Probably the latter.

I'd say that the ping/pong isn't working 100% to disconnect you, but only maybe 99%. Probably some very small bug in there that needs special circumstances to cause it to fail.
Posted By: stefys99 Re: new bug in 6.16 - 22/10/05 09:55 PM
Happened to me too. This is not a mIRC bug. That happens to all TCP sockets sometimes when the socket breaks, but the client doesn't know this think, and it just thinks that the server sends no message, that's why u're not getting disconnected.
Posted By: Nescafe Re: new bug in 6.16 - 31/10/05 02:54 PM
I use a timer with an invalid command name for each connection opened with a 2 min delay. since it's an invalid mIRC command, it tries to send it to the server and if the server is not there, hence de "silent" disconnect, mIRC realizes it and disconnects and reconnects since it's auto in the options.

I for my part use a simple PONG.

on *:CONNECT:{
	/timerping. $+ $cid 0 60 /pong $server
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