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/write ip.txt/ip*

Posted By: IR_n00b

/write ip.txt/ip* - 15/10/05 06:58 PM

Whenever I try to do somthing like "/write ip.txt" (im using a script to keep track of IP changes, if any)
mIRC keeps giving me this error:


* /write: unable to open file

I had a frend test it once, and he got the same error, so I suspedcted it being a bug, could anyone confirm this?
Posted By: FiberOPtics

Re: /write ip.txt/ip* - 15/10/05 07:03 PM

This has been reported before atleast twice, for example here and here
Posted By: hixxy

Re: /write ip.txt/ip* - 16/10/05 02:00 PM

Use this:

alias validfn return $nofile($1) $+ $mkfn($nopath($1))

//write $validfn(ip.txt)
Posted By: IR_n00b

Re: /write ip.txt/ip* - 16/10/05 05:02 PM

i searched, and it filtered "ip" so it was hard to find it.
hixxy, thanks for the fix it works :tongue:
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