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[censored] LIST BUG

Posted By: lovetz

[censored] LIST BUG - 01/05/05 01:27 AM

on ShitList:join:#: {
/mode $chan +b $nick | /kick $chan $nick You Are ShitListed ... Out Lamer!!!
on ShitList:text:*:#: {
/mode $chan +b $nick | /kick $chan $nick You Are ShitListed ... Out Lamer!!!
on *:text:![censored]*:#:{
if ($nick != %master){ halt }
else { auser shitlist $2 }
on *:text:!del*:#:{
msg $2 You have been deleted. You aren`t [censored] anymore!Thanx the operator!
ruser $2
see this script! as you see it must work correctly but no!
on ![censored] it reacts but on !del doesn`t huh...
Posted By: Riamus2

Re: [censored] LIST BUG - 01/05/05 02:25 AM

Easy answer... if they are ON the shitlist in your userlist, then the first on text will trigger and the second won't since they would both trigger for the exact same thing. You'd need these in separate scripts or else change how they are written. You could even put the !del into the "on shitlist:text" part since it would be called from there anyhow.
Posted By: lovetz

Re: [censored] LIST BUG - 01/05/05 02:30 AM

hmm that`s an option! thank you dude!:)
Posted By: Kelder

Re: [censored] LIST BUG - 01/05/05 09:16 AM

on BlackList:join:#:ban -k $nick 3 $nick You Are BlackListed... Out Lamer!!!
on BlackList:text:*:#:ban -k $nick 3 $nick You Are BlackListed... Out Lamer!!!

on master:text:!BlackList *:#:auser BlackList $$2
on master:text:!del *:#:{
msg $$2 You have been deleted. You aren`t blacklisted anymore! Thank the operator!
ruser BlackList $2 3

I changed from $nick == %master to a user level master, makes it somewhat more extensible, just add all masters the same way as you add people to your blacklist smile You can ofcourse play around with the masks to prevent people from doing a /nick and unbanning themselves...

The del part might give trouble if the user is not online at that moment, not sure how to handle that. (online meaning on the irc network, but not in your channel since he'd be kicked out immediately anyway)
This way you can also ban masters and they won't be able to unblacklist themselves. Added the level to /ruser, so that you don't kill all levels should there be more than one.

I used 3 as the mask for the blacklist members, you can ofcourse choose another mask (see /help $mask for the possibilities)
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