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Double click # Bug

Posted By: Debug

Double click # Bug - 24/04/05 05:55 PM

Hi ppl,

If you double-click #{{Test}} , #((Test)) , #[[Test]] , mIRC doesnt join the correct chan.

#{{Test}} - mIRC joins #{{Test}
#((Test)) - mIRC joins #((Test)
Posted By: Mentality

Re: Double click # Bug - 24/04/05 06:24 PM

This has been reported several times in the past smile

Posted By: Adrenalin

Re: Double click # Bug - 26/04/05 12:44 PM

I think that is a feature.. Whenever a chan name are writed at the end of topic(for that " are trimmed), end of the kick resons, part/quit messages( ( and ) are trimmed).. But still don't know why {} are removed..

Whatever.. You can avoid this bug by adding a garbage right char..
Ex. #""Test"")
But this might make spam messages not cross-client compatible ;]
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