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$scon(..).status and on:logon

Posted By: Talyn

$scon(..).status and on:logon - 16/02/03 07:31 AM

I just noticed that with an on ^*:LOGON:*:{ commands } event, which according to the help file will trigger prior to mIRC sending the user/pass/nick stuff to the server, yet during that event $scon(1).status returns "connected". Maybe I'm missing something, but shouldn't it be "connecting" ?

As a side note, in the help file for ON LOGON the "format" and "example" line at the top omit the :target: parameter, but it is in the examples below that.
Posted By: qwerty

Re: $scon(..).status and on:logon - 16/02/03 11:49 AM

Technically, it's not "connecting" during on LOGON, because the tcp connection with the server is already established. $status reflects exactly this. However, it would be more useful to me if $status reported whether you are "logged in successfully" or not, or better, have another identifier that does it. I know, one could use on CONNECT and set a variable, but an identifier is cleaner.
Posted By: Khaled

Re: $scon(..).status and on:logon - 19/02/03 11:14 PM

Unfortunately all of these events and identifiers were added at different times. It would be great to re-order them and change their meanings but that would break all existing scripts shocked
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