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Posted By: r00ted IRC Application Error on exit? - 01/03/05 07:58 PM

I got this error when I closed mIRC.

What happened was my internet/modem/router got messed up, so I came back to a screen full of Connection retries, and of course they timed out. So, I then did /clear then /saveini and clicked the X to close mIRC, and I got the above dialog box/error.
Posted By: Scratch Re: IRC Application Error on exit? - 01/03/05 08:22 PM
I honestly think that this crash is the fault of the router, and not mIRC. I've heard stories about routers causing system crashes and random lockups. I've actually had a system lockup recently which I think was because of my wireless router disconnecting me...
Posted By: nyght_wulf Re: IRC Application Error on exit? - 13/03/05 03:34 AM
I get an error almost exactly like this everyonce and a while when i close. Mostly when mIRC has been running for several days (often 1-2 weeks)

Its not a router issue, as i have't had to do any router changes.. and i still get the error.

heres a screenshot of the error :

Its the same instruction causing the error > "0x7c91e9c9"
but different memory location.
So far it seems that it does no real harm to mirc.. no courpt ini files or chopped log files when the error orcures. It just happens.
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