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Mirc freezes ?

Posted By: zeroz

Mirc freezes ? - 24/02/05 03:07 AM

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but mIRC practically freezes on a single nick change after it's been running for half a day or so.. I don't think/know if this is related to that GDI bug, just a problem I've had for a while, mIRC just gets really laggy to switch between windows as the time it's running increases and if I get a few new queries at once (like 3-10 privmsgs for example) they all lag mIRC horribly as each window appears one by one.
Posted By: zack

Re: Mirc freezes ? - 24/02/05 08:04 AM

I have major issues with mIRC freezing for extended periods of time, especially after the buffer of channels is rather large. I always thought it was some sort of logging/buffer issue, but I really don't know.
Posted By: zeroz

Re: Mirc freezes ? - 25/02/05 03:18 AM

Actually, this is even with a buffer of 500 lines... I also do not log channels.. only queries. So it doesn't make a lot of sense.. and I really don't want to change chatting clients as I've been on mIRC over a decade and know it's scripting language quite well.. trying to update myself to perl/tcl etc for xChat or some other client would just take a lot of time which I don't have and I'm a big fan of mIRC anyways... just posting this so hopefully it can be investigated and resolved.. regarding the GDI leak I almost never paste anymore ever so... I'm really not sure why mIRC gets laggy on nick changes or when a few queries open.. So there is probably a bug somewhere I think... or some more resource leaking issues.. just speculating there I don't know for sure. Well, that's all smile
Posted By: zeroz

Re: Mirc freezes ? - 25/02/05 03:26 AM

Also, accessing the Options dialog takes a very long time... and yes, like zack said it does freeze badly sometimes, lasting 20 or more seconds here. I have no skins/themes/dlls loaded.. it's essentially regular mIRC with a small buffer set and control codes stripped with logging off for everything except queries. Running a new instance of mIRC everything is back to optimal speed for a short while.
Posted By: Armada

Re: Mirc freezes ? - 25/02/05 10:53 PM

There has been theories as to whether this is a gdi issue, it appears that mIRC doesnt release all of its resources all the time, search the forums in the bug section for gdi it should pop up
Posted By: zeroz

Re: Mirc freezes ? - 04/04/06 12:14 PM

It's been a little over a year and a new mIRC version has been released, inside the release notes Khaled mentions:

51.Fixed mark/copy clipboard memory leak bugs.

Cheers, it looks like my mIRC will no longer hog all my resources within 2 weeks smile
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