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* /if: 'iswmcs' unknown operator

Posted By: Nutter

* /if: 'iswmcs' unknown operator - 20/02/05 10:33 AM

* /if: 'iswmcs' unknown operator

From the help file:
iswm wildcard string v1 matches string v2
iswmcs wildcard string v1 matches string v2 (case sensitive)
Posted By: qwerty

Re: * /if: 'iswmcs' unknown operator - 20/02/05 10:40 AM

Would you care to show us a method to reproduce the problem? iswmcs works fine here. Also, make sure you aren't using an older version of mirc.
Posted By: Nutter

Re: * /if: 'iswmcs' unknown operator - 20/02/05 09:17 PM

I stand corrected.
I seem to have overwritten my mIRC.exe file with 6.14 at some point (or just forgot to upgrade this copy of mIRC).

Thank you.
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