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Bug when closing window on lagged client

Posted By: ReD_IcE

Bug when closing window on lagged client - 02/01/05 09:43 PM


I enjoy using mIRC alot, and I have an old computer therefore it is lagged sometimes when I chat.

Anyhow, as I click on 'x' to close the chatwindow while my client is lagged the program just disepears and I have to start it up again. Thought you should know it smile
Posted By: Dr_Brom_sung_

Re: Bug when closing window on lagged client - 03/01/05 09:22 PM

Make sure that it is not hidden somewhere. I had this case where I had mIRC working, and for some reason this mIRC disappeared, so I started another seasion and connected to the same server and joined the same channel I was.

I was that I was still on the nick list (I mean the old nick), and I got a PM from the OP that I shouldn't join with 2 users to the same channel... The first mIRC was still running, it was just not in the task bat or in the tray.

I managed to get back to it by using ALT+TAB. You should try it too, cause it might be the case
Posted By: ParaBrat

Re: Bug when closing window on lagged client - 04/01/05 08:04 AM

do you mean when you close any channel or query window it closes mIRC? Other than what was already suggested, this is a long shot (since i dont know just how old your puter is or what OS you are running) but is the X you click on to close the "chatwindow" by any chance rather close to (or on top of) the X to close mIRC or the status window? I need to be very careful of that on one old puter i have
Posted By: ReD_IcE

Re: Bug when closing window on lagged client - 04/01/05 10:02 PM


It happens when I try to close a channel window, and my computer is lagged or client is lagged. I am using a PII 233 MMX, 327MB RAM, Windows 2000 Profesional. (latest version of mIRC 6.16)

Thank you for possible answers, and as the guy above suggested I am not minizing the client, I am closing a channel window only, at a lagged computer/client.
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