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Posted By: Aubs Bug in this Messageboard? - 13/12/02 04:35 PM
Does this happen to just me (have I got something set incorrectly?) or is it a general one?

when you post a reply, you get the message:

Your post has been entered. In a moment you will be automatically returned to the forum.

Return to the forum | View your post

From this, you can obviously either click on one of the links to take you to (a)Forum or (b)the thread you were in or (c)wait, and get returned to the Forum.

If I wait, I ALWAYS get returned to to the thread I posted to...

Is this me or a bug? (I know it's not a major thing but thought I'd post anyways!)

It does return me to the forum when I post a new message
Posted By: ParaBrat Re: Bug in this Messageboard? - 13/12/02 06:39 PM
before, if i waited, i would be returned to that forums index, now with the new software i am returned to the thread i posted to.. personally, i like that better.
Posted By: Frog Re: Bug in this Messageboard? - 14/12/02 03:44 AM
Yeah, I noticed this too. And, I happen to like it :x
Posted By: Aubs Re: Bug in this Messageboard? - 17/12/02 03:24 PM
Oh, I wasn't complaining about it, Just noticed it was hapening and that it is probably more likely a *typo* than a bug!

Suppose it *would/could/may* be a good idea to have it so you can choose in options whether to auto return you to the >forum< or >thread<
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