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Mouseless query window issue

Posted By: CloCkWeRX

Mouseless query window issue - 21/08/04 03:42 AM

I just lost my mouse to a bad eating cereal over laptop incident (eep)... so I've been having trouble mircing.

Main woes:
(1) When I get a privmsg, the nick needs to go into the list of windows I can control tab to... currently, i have to /query <nickname> to see what people have sent me.
(2) Nicklist needs to be able to gain focus
(3) Main window needs focus (page up / down works, but if you could focus and use up/down keys this would be far more intuitive).

(and its a laptop, so don't say a thing about mousekeys laugh)
Posted By: landonsandor

Re: Mouseless query window issue - 21/08/04 05:13 AM

1) Do you have the option of ICONIFY query window OFF? If so it should open on top or at least CTRL + Tab controlable (barring script issues)

2) if you're in the channel window, tabbing goes from Editbox --> Command box (if you use it) --> Nicklist (up and down arrows to select a nick and space bar to use popups) --> editbox

Do those help at all?
Posted By: Coolkill

Re: Mouseless query window issue - 21/08/04 10:34 AM

(1) You can also scroll through the windows that are open using ALT + N - where N is a number 1-9.

(3) Most likely it uses Page Up/Down since the mIRC window is an actual 'Page', but also because Up/Down arrow keys control the editbox to scroll back/forth through previous commands/text.

Posted By: starbucks_mafia

Re: Mouseless query window issue - 21/08/04 11:33 AM

3) I think it would be better if mIRC allowed the window to be scrollable using Alt+Arrow-Keys instead of requiring it to take focus from the editbox.
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