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Posted By: HobophobE editbox woes - 12/08/04 03:22 AM
I experienced an unusual phenomenon tonight using mIRC. I was attempting to paste some text into an editbox in a channel window, and inadvertently it seemed to use some very strange setting much like right-justify in word processors.

Whether this was due to some unintentional keystroke of mine or the text I was pasting (my web browser maintains formatting of text when you copy it to clipboard) or some fluke bug, I'm not sure.

The result of the "bug" was the cursor being located at the far right rather than the left. Any text entered into the editbox would appear from the right. It wasn't reversed, but each letter appeared at the far-right with the exception of greater than, less than, and period, which would for whatever reason start by appearing at the left edge of all text entered (still right justified) with the greater than/less than reversed. Upon entering text beyond those characters, they would jump back to the right-edge, with the greater than/less than suddenly correct.

This is a very unusual bug, which I have unfortunately been unable to recreate at this point. Any information you have about it (ie, if it is indeed a feature, how to do this and undo it) would be appreciated. All I had to do to get it back to normal was close/reopen the window, but I figured it was still important to let you guys know about it.


Posted By: Collective Re: editbox woes - 12/08/04 03:26 AM
This post explains what you're talking about, how to cause it and how to fix it. It is a Windows XP (and possibly 2000) feature.
Posted By: HobophobE Re: editbox woes - 12/08/04 06:43 PM
Thanks very much. I guess I should have searched more thoroughly, but you didn't flame me for it so it would seem all is well.

Thanks again,

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