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Constant freezing related to the DCC function.

Posted By: therarewildhat

Constant freezing related to the DCC function. - 26/07/04 11:51 PM

Whenever I try and get a download via DCC, my computer will randomly freeze for about 20-30 seconds, then unfreeze. It will repeat this process for about 5 minutes, and my computer will start working again after this point. However, my internet connection will be completely disabled, and I must restart to get it working again. It also does the same thing with a program called Bittorrent which works in a way similar to the DCC function.

I'm running on windows XP, and i have the latest version of Mirc, 6.16. I've tried it without having any anti-virus software running, but that doesn't appear to help. I'm also connected to a router, but I've tried doing a direct connection to the modem, but that doesn't do anything either.

And just to clerify, i'm not downloading anything illegal or anything, so don't even ask about that. smile
Posted By: theRat

Re: Constant freezing related to the DCC function. - 27/07/04 06:20 PM

1 question.
What legal material can you get with bittorrent?? grin

reinstall windows....

burn your computer... and the house around it...

get a new house and new computer... if problem still occurs, repeat....
Posted By: SergioNL

Re: Constant freezing related to the DCC function. - 28/07/04 02:23 PM

you can download almost all linux distro's legal from bittorrent, especial the iso versions since most ftp servers dont have those anymore, ohyea and dont forget about online game demo's(since it costs websites loooads of money for the bandwith they take)

if some share medium has warez(yea i know mIRC isnt meanth to share files) doesnt mean all of it is warez
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