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/list bug

Posted By: eggnog

/list bug - 09/07/04 01:35 AM

found by a friend of mine, but too lazy to post it.. so here it is:

mIRC all versions /list bug by binge

Type /list when you are connecting but before the server registers you on the network.
Once you are registered type /list once more and you will be greeted with a nice little error:
* /list: listing in progress...

That's all smile
Posted By: bunar

Re: /list bug - 09/07/04 01:41 AM

post it in "bug reports"
Posted By: Mentality

Re: /list bug - 09/07/04 11:45 AM

I have moved this thread to the Bug Reports forum for convenience.

What do you mean 'registered with the network'? Do you mean type /list whilst the connection notices are coming up? Or some sort of nickname registration? If you mean the latter, I doubt it has anything to do with mIRC.

/list problems can often be at the server's end so try this on several different networks to see if the same thing happens. The message 'list in progress' is not an error message, but the /list window should popup. Is that what is not happening?

Posted By: Watchdog

Re: /list bug - 09/07/04 11:52 AM

That is not a mIRC bug but normal IRCd operation. Type your command once and be more patient.
Posted By: Voice_of_Power

Re: /list bug - 09/07/04 12:34 PM

I believe that with register, he means during the moment the server identifies your host, and acknowledges you as being connected to it.

If this is a bug, I think it would be that /list works halfway during this moment. It will start the process, but not open the window. If you then try to /list again, and the previous request is still running, it will naturally give an error, though the window remains closed. So maybe an extra check should be added somewhere, so /list can only be done when fully connected, or /list will look if the window is closed when a request is running.
Posted By: eggnog

Re: /list bug - 10/07/04 01:52 AM

i didnt find this, i just posted it because he told someone to in the chan.. i think he meant if you type it when the identd notices are coming up, then type it after you're connected..

i think voice_of_power said it best though ;p
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