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Posted By: phoenixx Nasty Little Mirc uninstall Bug - 28/06/04 09:17 AM
Updated Note: Not all my files were lost, i managed to recover a few, but i still seem to have lost a lot more than i would have liked.
This cant be intentional, it is just too disruptive. If you plan to uninstall any redundant versions of Mirc, you may want to zip up a copy of any other regularly used copies of mirc you have tho.

Original Post:
I recentely installed a newer version of mirc just to try out. I copied the mirc.exe file into the folder of another script i regularly use.. and forgot about it. Unfortunately I had run this exe from this other script folder at least once. (a very old script with all my logins, and nicknams saved in it) and it must have added some secret little note to my registry or install file..

Because I later ran the mirc uninstaller to get rid of the newer dupliciate mirc install and not only did it remove the new copy in "program files", but it also decided to delete the _copied_ mirc.exe file, and ALL MY SCRIPT FILES, including my servers.ini, my popups.ini, and my script.ini in the "other" folder where i run my older script from!!

This means I have lost all my irc server logins, all my custom IRC server entries. My Nicknames list, and my list of channels i regularly join!


All it left was my users.ini file!!! Which i dont even use anymore!

I only just discovered this a few days after having uninstalled the old copy.

Oddly, i also had some other old scripts sitting in another folder, but between the time of installing and uninstalling the newer version, i never ran any of these, and they are all intact.

THIS BETTER BE FIXED! I am not happy loosing a script i have been adding to off and on for over 6 years. All my contacts, all my notify list people, all my passwords, all my servers, and all my chatrooms, just because someone thought they would be a smarty and track all the copies of the exe file, and delete any other installations as well in the uninstaller >:( mad
Posted By: tidy_trax Re: Nasty Little Mirc uninstall Bug - 28/06/04 09:45 AM
I think the uninstaller deletes all copies with the same CRC ($crc($mircexe,2)) as the one you are uninstalling (hence why copying a file would get that effect), i could be wrong though.
Posted By: DekuHaze Re: Nasty Little Mirc uninstall Bug - 28/06/04 03:20 PM
This is why you should always make back-ups of data that is important to you
Posted By: naki Re: Nasty Little Mirc uninstall Bug - 28/06/04 04:50 PM
dont blame mirc, blame yourself. this is why i always keep hard copies of stuff I need to keep.
Posted By: Khaled Re: Nasty Little Mirc uninstall Bug - 28/06/04 05:39 PM
Sorry to hear about your lost scripts, however this is not a bug, the mIRC uninstaller will always uninstall the last copy of mIRC that was run.

That is why when you attempt to uninstall, the uninstaller will always tell you which folder it is going to uninstall, giving you the option to cancel the operation.

Since there is only one registry entry in the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove section for mIRC, that entry is always updated by the most recently run mIRC, ensuring that no matter how many times you fiddle with installs or uninstalls, you will always be able to uninstall the last run copy of mIRC.
Posted By: Jae Re: Nasty Little Mirc uninstall Bug - 30/06/04 12:13 PM
There's manyy programs out there to getback lost files. Though you have to install on a different drive as to not overwrite deleted files.
Secondly i guess this could become a suggestion that maybe the uninstaller can list all installations and allow to selectively un-install a particular copy.
Good luck with attempts of file recovery!

Cheers Col.
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