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$readini strips codes

Posted By: Jae

$readini strips codes - 27/06/04 06:40 PM

i foudn that when trying to load data from an ini that all control codes are stripper from the start of the line. is it intentional?
i fixed it by adding a normal charactor to the start of the line and using $right(readini_code,-1) .. a little work around for now.. but it'd be nice for it to work correctly.

Posted By: Seifer

Re: $readini strips codes - 27/06/04 11:18 PM

mIRC has never saved control codes to ini files. A better way of saving information like that is storing it in a hash table and having the table load when mIRC starts and saved when mIRC is closing.
Posted By: cold

Re: $readini strips codes - 28/06/04 03:56 AM

Doing this alone is risky. You should save the table everytime there's a change, or at least more frequently than just saving it in the end. That's because in case mIRC closes with an error, the ON EXIT event won't be triggered.
Posted By: Seifer

Re: $readini strips codes - 28/06/04 10:58 PM

Good point.
Posted By: Jae

Re: $readini strips codes - 30/06/04 12:00 PM

Fact still remains it strips the control codes and shouldnt need to do so.
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