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mIRC 6.14 and YzShadow...

Posted By: Horus

mIRC 6.14 and YzShadow... - 12/06/04 08:43 AM

Hi !
anyone know this program ? its a program that creates drop shadows on program windows..

Ok, i dont know if its a mIRC's bug or yzshadow's bug.. but i need to ask.. im using mIRC in the systray only, and when i double-click to open it, it disapears.. confused someone use this program ? and has the same problem ?

im on Windows XP XP1...
(sorry for my english)

Thanks in advance. =)

Posted By: zaz

Re: mIRC 6.14 and YzShadow... - 14/06/04 08:39 PM

This is a known problem (though I'm not sure how much YzShadow has to do with it) and fixed here

Try that little script out smile
Posted By: Horus

Re: mIRC 6.14 and YzShadow... - 14/06/04 10:34 PM

first, thanks for reply, but the problem that i have doesn't crash explorer.exe, and the systray icons doesn't dissapear...maybe you can test yzshadow to see the "bug". =)
Posted By: zaz

Re: mIRC 6.14 and YzShadow... - 15/06/04 05:45 PM

The script shown in that post uses the "showmirc" command from a DDE. You launch a new instance of mIRC, and it contacts the running process via DDE if it's running. It tells the running process to "come out from hiding" so-to-speak and then exits away so you should only have ONE running mIRC.

Re-read that thread and try that little script out, it should make mIRC re-appear like magic. smile
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