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$isdde bug

Posted By: voks

$isdde bug - 04/04/04 12:34 AM

$isdde(test) makes my mirc freeze, if the server "test" doesn't exist. If the server exists, it returns $true (how it should). This problem accured first after reinstalling my mp3ad+ script, which uses $isdde. (mp3ad+ can only be used with NNScript.)
But now I can't use $isdde even, if my script is unloaded.

I'm using WinXP Home, mIRC 6.14 with NNScript 3.81. This combination works great on my other machine.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: $isdde bug - 04/04/04 01:18 AM

Without that script loaded it simply returns $false. I suggest you contact the addon/script author and have them check out the code - it doesn't seem to be a bug within mIRC.

Tested on 6.14 / XP Pro.

Posted By: voks

Re: $isdde bug - 04/04/04 02:08 AM

The problem is: I am the author of that script. crazy And as I said, it's all working on my other machine, not not on this, even if my script is unloaded, so perhaps my script caused that $isdde isn't working anymore, but it's now in mirc generally. (But how could that be?)
Posted By: Sephiroth_

Re: $isdde bug - 04/04/04 05:21 PM

maybe the DDE Service at your winxp home is deactivated - take a look at it
Posted By: voks

Re: $isdde bug - 04/04/04 08:48 PM

It's working great, if the dde-server is running, only if it's not running, mirc freezes. confused
Posted By: Khaled

Re: $isdde bug - 07/04/04 04:19 PM

This usually indicates that there is another application (or possibly a service) running on your system that is using DDE incorrectly, and this results in the freeze problem you are seeing when mIRC itself tries to use DDE. If you try closing all other background applications, does the problem go away?
Posted By: voks

Re: $isdde bug - 08/04/04 12:41 PM

Thanks Khaled,
I closed (almost) all my background applications and then $isdde(...) returned $false, how it should. After starting the applications again it worked, too, so I don't know which app caused the freeze.
Thx again.

Markus 'voks' Henn
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