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mIRC+ssl crashes

Posted By: buvk

mIRC+ssl crashes - 07/03/04 11:36 PM

I am able to connect to some ssl enabled servers (like the ones listed on http://mirc.co.uk/ssl.html), however, mIRC crashes when I connect to warped.bluecherry.net port 7000. Using epic, I am able to connect using ssl, so it does work, but mIRC simply crashes when I attempt to connect.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: mIRC+ssl crashes - 08/03/04 09:00 AM

Hm, confirmed, even if I connect to the IP - I have absolutely no idea why this occurs though. Connecting to warped.bluecherry.net with a normal connection works fine, the only thing I noticed is that the server does not appear in /links, only irc.* and services.* do and /motd returns "No such server". This is probably just the IRCd setup rather than the root of the problem though? Does it support other ports? If so, try those.

6.14, XP Pro.

Posted By: Online

Re: mIRC+ssl crashes - 08/03/04 09:11 AM

Same here, Win98. It crashes before @debug starts logging.
Posted By: buvk

Re: mIRC+ssl crashes - 08/03/04 03:40 PM

yeah warped.bluecherry.net is irc.bluecherry.net (im just used to calling it warped), /motd does work, and it only has ssl enabled on ports 7000 and 9999... mirc crashes connecting to both of them.
Posted By: Mentality

Re: mIRC+ssl crashes - 08/03/04 03:46 PM

Ok, well try connecting normally and then, as got suggested to me, talk to |Rain| or zinx, apparently they might know. rain[at]bluecherry[dot]net is |Rain|'s email address.

This seems like a fairly local server so I assume you know who those people are. You might try using that email even if you don't.

Posted By: Mentality

Re: mIRC+ssl crashes - 08/03/04 11:49 PM

|Rain| emailed me and I thought some of his reply may be interesting to you or other people:

The mIRC crash you described earlier seems to be caused by a bug with mIRC's certificate handling--that is, for whatever reason, it doesn't like the SSL certificates the server is providing.

I can't figure out exactly why mIRC has a problem with the certificates being used--it seems to work fine with self-signed certificates (which most IRC servers are probably using) and with externally signed certificates where it doesn't have the certificate of the external signer (e.g. a bona fide SSL certificate signed by a root CA; a default OpenSSL installation doesn't seem to include a list of root CAs or use the list Windows keeps.) The latter situation is the closest to the certificate warped.bluecherry.net is providing.

Posted By: Khaled

Re: mIRC+ssl crashes - 16/03/04 03:11 PM

Some certificates include more information than others about the host name of the server. In such cases, mIRC will try to extract more information from the certificate to verify the host name, which is probably something that other IRC clients don't do.

I have reproduced the problem and mIRC crashes when I try to connect via SSL to warped.bluecherry.net, however as far as I can tell from the source code mIRC isn't actually doing anything wrong. So it may be that either the OpenSSL library has a bug, or the SSL certificate provided by the IRC server is malformed in some way.

For the next version of mIRC, I have disabled the code that does the extra host name checks.
Posted By: ELY_M

Re: mIRC+ssl crashes - 29/12/04 04:17 AM

I still have same crash problems when I try to connect to ssl smirk

sometimes it is fine other times my mirc crash.

Im using 6.16 and on +10 networks.
Posted By: Online

Re: mIRC+ssl crashes - 29/12/04 04:23 AM

ELY_M, please state the problem in a new thread, because there are small chances of anyone noticing your reply in this old thread.
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