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Posted By: couresel * Error creating window - 24/01/04 03:48 PM
Hi, I was recently testing a private server which is going to be used as a bot's server.

The channel limit was set to 500, and we were testing to see how the server would handle a client joining 500 channels in 1 minute.

Well - at around the 200th channel, I got this error message:
* Error creating window
I noticed it did that for pm's also when I tried to pm my friend and tell him. I thought it to be memory related, but I have 1024 gb of memory, and at that time roughly 740 mb of it was free for use.
I'm not sure if this is an actual error, of if mirc is intended to limit the number of active channels to 200, however I felt I should report it to be on the safe side.
laugh whanks again.
Posted By: Rob7713 Re: * Error creating window - 24/01/04 09:17 PM
What operating system are you running that will let you access a full terabyte of RAM?? confused I want a copy! grin
Posted By: couresel Re: * Error creating window - 24/01/04 09:47 PM
ooops my fault blush
make that 1024 mb of RAM, although the thought would be nice.
Posted By: qwerty Re: * Error creating window - 25/01/04 03:38 AM
That's a limitation of Windows, not mirc. Regardless of you RAM, there is a maximum number of windows that can be open at any given moment. As I said, RAM is not a factor, those limits have to do with the internals of the operating system (Windows).
Posted By: couresel Re: * Error creating window - 25/01/04 04:02 AM
oh, now I get it laugh
Thank you
Posted By: Hypur3volve Re: * Error creating window - 28/01/04 04:49 AM
this is why we have linux... lol.

if only mirc were avail for linux (please dont explain to me why or whatever, i've already read plenty on this), i'd never boot to windows, lol.
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